DNP Ink Formulations

Select from the various ink formulations below when selecting a ribbon for a specific printer.

If you are trying to locate the ideal thermal transfer product for an application, you have come to the right place.
This library will help you quickly discover the best thermal transfer ribbon for your application.


DNP’s popular all purpose ribbons offer broad performance characteristics to deliver the image quality and durability required for most applications, while providing an excellent total cost solution. They are well-suited to print on coated/uncoated paper tags and labels, as well as low-end synthetics.


Premium wax/resin ribbons produce excellent results across a wide range of media providing superb performance in various applications. Wax/resin ribbons are versatile all-purpose ribbons that provide durability and resistance, and are the perfect choice for demanding applications such as outdoor and automotive.


Resin ribbons deliver superior images and durability for applications requiring special performance characteristics such as resistance to extreme environmental conditions, harsh chemicals, and scratching. They provide excellent print quality at high speeds using less energy and are considered the best in the market.

Near Edge

Near edge ribbons are the perfect solution for flexible packaging applications such as snack foods, beverages, produce, healthcare, parts packaging, and more. When speed, durability, and performance are expected, near edge ribbons fulfill the requirements of producing crisp, dark images with printing speeds up to of 26 IPS.